Bike Rides to Try with your Family in and around Gig Harbor

By Gig Harbor Macaroni KID March 12, 2023

Learning to ride a bike is one of the quintessential milestones of childhood, and once kids figure it out, there's just no stopping them!  If you need a little help figuring out which bike is right for your child, check out these tips.  In case you're looking for local options for honing those biking skills, we've put together a few of our favorites.


Cushman Trail trail head

Cushman Trail Head - Borgen Blvd

 Adam Tallman Park

McCormick Forest Park

Donkey Creek Park

Cushman Trail

Cushman Trail Park

BMX Park and Beach Volleyball Courts

Harbor Family Park

Peninsula Metropolitan Park District

Cliffside Nature Preserve and Trail

Sehmel Homestead ParK

Cushman Trail Head

Grandview Forest Park

Crescent Creek Park

Tubby's Trail Dog Park

Wilkinson Farm Park

McCormick Dog Park


Gateway Park

360 Trails


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