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By Gig Harbor Macaroni Kid March 12, 2023
Harbor WildWatch Digital Programs

 To access Facebook Live events, simply search Harbor WildWatch on Facebook at the scheduled time to find the live feed on our page. For Live events, please check website calendar or Facebook for possible schedule changes. The videos will always post in full once the live stream ends, so feel free to catch up with any content you miss by scrolling through our facebook page. These videos will also get posted to youtube, ideally within the week.

All times are posted as PST.

*Check the website calendar for possible updates and directions.

Directions to Monitoring Sites for when in-person:

Austin Estuary ParkMeet in the parking area behind the Harbor History Museum along the waterfront in Gig Harbor. Our monitoring location is easy to find but be warned, this beach is muddy! Dress accordingly.  (Summer monitoring only).

DeMolay Nature Preserve/Fox Island Sand Spit/Bella Bella BeachThis is a beach with many names. Meet at the gate at the end of Bella Bella Drive. There is additional parking in a lot up the hill and to the right. As you walk down the driveway to the beach, the monitoring location is to your left.

Kopachuck State Park: Discover Pass Required. We will meet in the upper lot and carpool down to the lower parking area (through a locked gate). If you arrive late, enjoy the hike down the hill and head to your left when you get to the beach. The monitoring site is between two large boulders that are exposed during low tide.  

Maple HollowThis lesser known park includes a hike (less than 1 mile) to the beach. You will turn on Van Beek Road KP N and drive until you see a gate on your left to Maple Hollow Park. Pull in and drive to the parking area. Follow the "beach access" signs down the hill. Once you reach the end of the trail, there are stairs leading to the beach and our monitoring site is to the right.

Old Ferry Landing at the Mouth of Gig Harbor: There is very little parking at this location, so I recommend the angle in, public parking on Harborview Drive past the Soundview Drive intersection (near Tides Tavern). The Old Ferry Landing is a short walk to the end of Harborview Drive. The path down to the beach is mildly treacherous, please use caution. Once you reach the beach, the monitoring site is to the left (facing the water).

Penrose Point State ParkDiscover Pass Required. Once you pass the first gate to the park, take a right at the "T" in the road. This will lead you to the general parking area. Walk across the grassy field and our monitoring site is on the beach to the left. 

Purdy Sand SpitOur monitoring site is about midway across the Purdy Sand Spit, near the lone madrone tree. There is public parking on West end of the spit but it's closer to park along the road. Please use caution when entering and exiting your vehicle. There is a small scramble over the cobble to get to the beach. Our site is near the old pilings. 

Sunrise Beach: Sunrise beach is a turnoff to the left from Moller Drive NW. We will meet in the parking area near an old garage. There is a small hike down a hill to the beach. The monitoring site is near the beach entrance, you can't miss us!

Tacoma Narrows ParkDespite the name, this park is on the Gig Harbor side of the bridge. Through the gate, you will enjoy a tree-rich drive down to the parking area. As you walk down the concrete path to the beach, our monitoring site is down the beach to your right when facing the water.

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