Easter Egg Hunt - Key Peninsula, WA.

March 12, 2023
Key Pen Parks is happy to bring you our 3rd Easter Egg Hunt for kids!  This is a free community event.

Things to know before you go:

  • No registration required for this event.
  • Egg hunt starts at 9:30 am. following a brief welcome and start announcement.  Please be there for the start to ensure your child has a chance to find eggs. Arrival to this event a few minutes early is a good idea.
  • This is not a timed event, but it goes by fast. We have allotted an hour for kids to find eggs, but once they're gone, the event is over.
  • We will not hold eggs back for late comers, so please be on time.
  • This is a "While supplies last" event.
  • There will be two hunt areas. One for kids 0-5 years and the other for kids 6 and over.