Connect w/ Customers @ Trunk-or-Treat -It's NOT too late to register

Promote your business while engaging with 1,500+ of our local community members

September 21, 2021

UPDATE 10/8/2022 - TEXT me today October 8 to register 3605099016. Show up by 1-2pm for 3 pm start

Fellow Gig Harbor Businesses: Connect with your customers at the 4th Annual GHMK (Gig Harbor Macaroni KID ) Trunk-or-Treat!

Registration ends September 8th. But it has been extended this year!

After a difficult 2+ years hiatus, JOIN US at the 4th Annual MacKid Trunk-or-Treat event - a time to engage with our customers and reconnect with our community. 

 Ready to sign-up to be a vendor? CLICK HERE to go right to the form.

We are so happy to be back in the swing of things after a whirlwind of a year.  In addition to creating new content and providing updated information about local events, we are ecstatic about the return of our wildly popular Trunk-or-Treat Event. 

Small businesses have struggled immensely over the past two-and-a-half years, but your loyal customers have kept your business going.  This is a great opportunity to reconnect with your customers and do something fun that fosters your customer relationships while promoting your business to Gig Harbor families

What’s the benefit of participating as a vendor? 

  • Engage & make connections with 500+ kids and 1,500+ local parents (aka potential customers!)

  • Build brand recognition

  • Strengthen your community

  • Attract new customers (leads to increased revenue!)

  • Build trust within the community

  • Have fun!

Do I have to be a kid-focused business? 

Definitely not!  Because who typically brings kids to Trunk-or-Treat?  Their grown-ups!  And those grown-ups are the ones that make the decisions on where to eat, shop, and/or do business around town. 

 I’m ready to get new interest in my business, 

Click to Sign me up to be a vendor

View the event on Eventbrite here

Still wondering if you want to be a vendor this year?

Things have been confusing and overwhelming, to say the least.  I think we’ve all felt like we’re trying to keep our bearings on a malfunctioning roller coaster.  

But, imagine getting your business in front of 3000 faces.  What if you could interact with people to introduce your business, or remind them of what you have to offer?  What could it do for your business?

Loyal customers have kept your small business alive - sign up as a Trunk-or-Treat vendor to celebrate all things spooky with your dedicated patrons...and create interest from a fresh audience. 


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This year especially, SAFETY is essential in order to continue the tradition of this event being hugely successful.  

We will be accomplishing this by implementing several safety measures to ensure the event is in compliance with fluctuating state and federal restrictions.

  • Masks required for all attendees OVER the age of 5

  • Social distancing measures in place

  • Staggered entrance times for attendees (pre-registration required).