Gig Harbor Park gets a New Name!

Sharing from the Harbor Wildwatch

By Harbor History Museum Newsletter March 30, 2021

The Gig Harbor City Council and Parks Commission recently partnered with the Puyallup Tribe to restore the indigenous name of the site where the museum and city parks are located to honor tribal culture, language and Puyallup history. The city adopted the name “tx史aalq蓹艂 Estuary” in honor of the main village of the sx虒史蓹babš which means “Swift Water people.” Swift Water is also the name selected by the Peninsula School District for the area’s newest elementary school. The estuary is located at Austin Estuary Park, 4009 Harborview Dr., which will now be called simply “Austin Park.” The name tx史aalq蓹艂 means “place where game exists."


The Puyallup Tribe has made two videos to illustrate the proper pronunciation of tx史aalq蓹艂 and sx虒史蓹babš.