READY to Learn!

By Peninsula School District READY October 28, 2020

Are you familiar with READY!? This is an awesome opportunity for parents of children, birth to age 5 years, to learn about kindergarten readiness targets, and how to intentionally play with your child from day 1. Parents attend 3 workshops throughout the year; fall, winter, and spring. They receive FREE 'tools'(toys) and strategies to use at home, with the thought that just 10 minutes a day can have a significant impact on a child's kindergarten readiness.

Due to COVID we are unable to hold the in-person workshops that we typically do, but READY! has created eLearning opportunities so that parents can participate in these workshops from home at their own pace. They are then invited to join live Zooms for any follow-up questions that they might have. Did I mention FREE materials?  Following completion confirmation of the workshop, caregivers will be able to pick up their free 'tools' and workshop notes at a designated time and place(following COVID precautions, of course).

The Fall workshop will be available through November 23rd.