Harbor WildWatch offers three free, educational videos

March 29, 2020
Every week, Harbor WildWatch will offer three free, educational videos. These videos will be a combination of live streams and pre-recorded workshops that explore our natural environment, provide STEM learning opportunities, and offer activity ideas for at-home learning.

Tune into our Facebook and YouTube channels on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays to catch our biologists providing fun educational videos for all ages. Note that a Facebook account is not required to view any videos on Facebook.

MONDAY, March 30 -Wetland in a Cup Workshop

LIVE at 1 PM on Facebook

What is a wetland and how do wetlands help improve water quality? Join Science Specialist Stena for an interactive, Facebook LIVE lesson on wetlands AND try your hand at building your own working wetland in a cup. Gather up the supplies below beforehand, and tune in at 1 p.m. on Harbor WildWatch's main Facebook page. Interaction highly encouraged!

Suggested supplies:

  • A clear container to catch water (we will be using a plastic cup- we will call this the aquifer cup)
  • A second cup that you should prepare with a hole in the bottom (we will use a second clear plastic cup with a hole drilled in the center of the cups bottom - this is the wetland cup)
  • Pitcher of water, cup of dirt (you will add this to the pitcher)
  • Three materials that you predict will filter the dirty water (this can be ANYTHING that you can fit in the wetland cup – we have materials ranging from dry leaves to cotton balls, hamster bedding to cheerios, lentils to gravel)

In this lesson, we will learn that wetlands clean water through the process of filtration. Students are invited to model a wetland in a cup by choosing materials they think will filter the dirt out of water. We will explore how changing variables (the type of material, the amount of material, the order of the material) can change the results. After our experiment, we will think about what variables we can change to improve our wetland model and how that relates to an actual wetland.

WEDNESDAY, April 1 - Fish Feeding at the Skansie House

Video on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook

While Harbor WildWatch staff are away, the fish will play! Our team has been stopping in the office to make sure that the sea creatures in our touch tanks are well taken care of. Join Communications Specialist Carly as she explains the feeding process of brine shrimp and mussels for the fish, sea stars, crabs, and more in our tanks.

Lesson Round-Up
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