What Your Child Can Gain from Gig Harbor Summer Camps

By Macaroni Kid January 24, 2024

Why should you send your child to a Gig Harbor summer camp? Summer camps are a great time for kids to try new things, nurture unique interests, meet new friends, stretch their creativity, and have tons of summer fun! You're guaranteed to find something on this list of Gig Harbor summer camps that your kid will be excited about! 

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And if you are a local family wanting to learn more about what kids can get from being a part of a summer camp program, here you go!

Here are a few things that kids gain from camp:

  1. They can learn something new! Kids are natural learners. By exposure to new ideas – like horseback riding, rock climbing, robotics, magic or even a new way to learn math, they can expand their horizons.
  2. Success at something develops self-confidence. Not every kid is a star athlete or the perfect student, but at summer camp, kids can really thrive by doing something they are good at. Learning how to work as a team and how to be a good leader and follower builds self-esteem too.
  3. How much fun being physically active can be! After being in a classroom for 8 hours a day, kids are reminded how much their bodies need that outlet to use their energy! Time outdoors and physical exercise have been shown to reduce stress and increase attention span. Let’s hear it for the benefits of the adrenaline rush and relaxation and calm that comes with activity too!
  4. Self-discovery and responsibility are cool. Summer camps are great places for kids to learn about who they are and what they are capable of. From picking what activity you would like to participate in keeping up with your own belongings, kids can learn to become independent and self-reliant in a safe environment.
  5. Which Summer Camp is the Best Fit for Your Kid?  Start by thinking about what your kid enjoys and might like to learn or experience. Getting your kid involved in the decision-making is key to a successful experience. Is this your kid’s first camp? Might a friend ease the transition? Reach out to the parents of your child’s friends to see if they are looking at camp options too. With any camp, consider staff-to-kid ratio, safety precautions (are the counselors CPR certified?), location, activities, and what the camp's rescheduling or cancellation policies are. If a camp program is not within your family’s budget, consider working with other families with similar interests and kids of the same age to create your own summer camp; parents can each take a day and plan activities for the kids! As a parent of an only child, I have been known to do a bit of that myself!

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created 5/20/19

updated 1/24