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By Macaroni KID Gig Harbor January 19, 2019

We can help you reach local parents and share your business or organization.  Macaroni Kid is the largest parent-focused online media resource in Gig Harbor.   We focus specifically on families in the communities of Gig Harbor, Key Peninsula and Fox Island .  Our email newsletter is sent to 5,000+ local parents every week, our website is viewed 20,000+ times every month, and our social media channels are followed by 2,000+ fans.  Local parents engage frequently and consistently with Gig Harbor Macaroni Kid and regularly tell us that we are an indispensable resource for them.  

We can help you build brand recognition, promote a special event, increase traffic on slow days, launch a new product, service or location, or share your expertise. Not only do we have an excellent connection with local readers but our team also has 20+ years of marketing and public relations experience, including writing, marketing planning, creative development, branding and messaging, and event management for both small and large businesses.  We love meeting with local businesses and brainstorming fun and creative marketing campaigns!  

Gig Harbor Macaroni Kid is an online resource -- where parents are. Our main focus is coordinated campaigns, which include feature articles in our weekly email newsletter and on our homepage, website/newsletter ads, social media, a listing in our business directory, and optional dedicated email blasts (an email just about your business that goes to all 5,000+ subscribers, separately from our weekly newsletter). 

Our current advertising options are:

  • Coordinated Marketing Campaigns: These well-rounded and multi-pronged campaigns are an affordable and very effective way to reach local readers in many different ways. 
    • Share your business information, products and services in articles on our homepage and in our weekly newsletter. 
    • Build your brand recognition with a 24/7 website ad, which also appears in our weekly email newsletter. 
    • Share up-to-date news and info via our social media channels.
    • Send a dedicated email focused on your business to our 4,000+ subscribers.
  • Basic Campaigns: Website ad, business directory listing and a monthly social media post for as little as $75 per month. Your ad is shown 24/7 on our website and linked to a full and descriptive business directory listing where you can include special offers for Macaroni Kid readers and links to your website, Facebook page and other social media. This is a great option if you'd like to get your business consistently in front of readers but may not have specific news or expertise to share in articles or email blasts, or if you have a limited marketing budget.
  • Event Promotion: Do you have a special community event coming? Contact us at least three weeks in advance and we can coordinate a widespread event promotion campaign that includes social media, articles, dedicated email blast and more.
  • Product, Show, Restaurant and Business Reviews: Local parents appreciate learning from each other about great businesses and products. As parents and influencers, we love to get out in the community and experience new products and services and share all the good things we learn. Barters are welcome, and we'll share our experiences in articles and pictures that local readers really enjoy. We also specialize in travel reviews and have promoted resorts in Las Vegas, Loreto Mexico, Puerto Vallarto and other locations.  Email Annmarie at to learn how to share your travel destination with 15,000 Washington State families!
  • Giveaways: Our readers LOVE giveaways, and it's a great way to promote your product or service! Please note that we do have restrictions and requirements for giveaways -- we'd be happy to share the details.
  • Event Coordination: We can coordinate an event as small as a morning playdate or afternoon drop-in to something as large as a Kids Expo. We have hundreds of contacts in the local community and are experienced at all the many details of public events, from insurance to venue planning to setup to security.

Looking to connect with local parents in person?  Register for exhibitor space at one of our local events!  

  • Camps, recreation departments, extracurricular activities, and entertainment destinations sign up now for our Summer Camp Guide and Summer Camp Fairs (happening in March).  
  • We also host a Halloween Kids Expo where local family-friendly businesses can exhibit.
  • Our Candy Cane Hunt & Holiday Fair in December is a great opportunity for vendors with high traffic, free activities and Santa.
  • We are looking to partner with local businesses to host smaller events throughout the year.  Email Annmarie at for more information.

Contact Annmarie today at or text 360 509 9016  to receive our media kit, then talk about your budget, and brainstorm ideas.  We can develop a package that fits your needs.