A Hands-On Search for Halloween Treats

By Julie Follansbee October 22, 2016
Create this simple sandbox alternative that's fun for Halloween and encourages kids to search for treats.

What you’ll need:
  • Large clear plastic tub like the one in the photo
  • Several bags of uncooked black beans 
  • A large orange bowl
  • A Halloween themed cup or plain orange cup
  • Plastic spiders, insects, skeletons, or anything that would be fun to dig out!
Fill the container with beans and then mix in spiders, insects, skeletons, etc. Use the bowl or cup to scoop and see what you can uncover.

Want to make it a little more challenging? Include cards with pictures of hidden items. Invite each child to pick a card and race to see who can find their item first. Or set a timer and see how many things kids can uncover in a designated amount of time.