Newspaper Seed Planters

Easy to make, easy to plant!

By Aimee Falso, Bristol/Newport Publisher Mom March 2, 2015
Get ready to welcome spring by starting your garden flowers and vegetables indoors. These planters are easy to make and can be put directly into the garden when the ground is warm enough.

  • Newspaper
  • Soil
  • Seeds
  • Soda can (or similar sized can)

Tear a sheet of newspaper in half the long way. Place the can on the newspaper so about 2 inches of the newspaper is left on the bottom. Roll the newspaper tightly around the can. Turn can over so the paper part is on top. Fold in the newspaper to form the bottom of the planter. Turn the can back over. Pull can out and you have your planter!

Fill with soil and place seeds into the soil. Water lightly and put in a sunny place.  (You may want to put a bowl/plate under planter.) When the ground is warm enough, place planter directly into your garden. The newspaper is biodegradable and will dissolve right into your permanent garden location!