Teal Pumpkins Promote a Happy Halloween for All!

By Elizabeth Vilicka August 15, 2020
With food allergies on the rise, more and more children are unable to participate in trick-or-treating activities. One way that you can include all children in the Halloween tradition is to place a teal pumpkin outside of your house, signifying that you have nonfood items to pass out.

Examples of nonfood treats include small toys, bubbles, whistles, rings, crayons, bookmarks, pencils, stickers, etc. You can find inexpensive items on Amazon, at Oriental Trading or in local stores like Target, Walmart and the Dollar Store.

By placing a teal pumpkin outside of your house you are enabling a child with allergies (and his/her parents!) to experience the fun of trick or treating without the stress. Find more information, including a printable poster explaining the teal pumpkin, HERE.