Decoupage Pumpkin!

Macaroni Made

By Aimee Falso, Bristol/Newport Publisher Mom October 15, 2013
I recently saw some decoupaged pumpkins that were beautiful so I decided to give it a try and it was so easy!

  • Pumpkin
  • Small squares of tissue paper
  • Decoupage solution - 'Mod Podge' or mixture of white liquid glue and water
  • Brush
  • Newspaper to cover work area

  • Coat the pumpkin in decoupage solution
  • Completely cover pumpkin with tissue paper squares by layering - don't worry if they don't stick completely at this point
  • Add more decoupage solution if it dries too quickly
  • Once pumpkin is covered in tissue paper, brush over entire pumpkin with decoupage solution to smooth paper and seal
  • Leave to dry.  If possible, place on top of wide-mouth jar to dry so pumpkin doesn't stick to your work surface