Pumpkin Painting

Macaroni Made

By Dana Hardek October 4, 2013
Last year, I decided that our Halloween crafts should be easy to make – really easy. So I bought some paint, set up a table outside on a nice day, and let the kids paint their pumpkins. 

If you, too, have no time to spend on the super-cool decorations that all your neighbors have, try this!

What you need:
  • Pumpkins, real or craft
  • Acrylic paint (won't come off a pumpkin that's out in the rain)
  • Paint brushes
  • Cups of water to wash off the brushes
What you do:
  1. If you're using real pumpkins, wash and dry them.
  2. Set your pumpkins on a table or other surface.
  3. Paint! (See, easy)
Remember that acrylic paint is permanent, so be sure to cover your painting surface and cover your kids while you're at it.

For a shiny look, use metallic paints!